Restore Vibrancy in Detroit’s 9th Precinct

Infuse resident-led projects with the resources needed to restore hope, inspire connection, and build a better future for the next generation.


Community-Led Vision

Sustainable Solutions

Reclaiming a Foothold


The story of Detroit over the last 50 years is well-publicized… but not often accurate.


While parts of Detroit experience renewal, the battle for vibrancy in the 9th precinct is still underway. Over the years, the distribution of resources in Detroit shifted away from the 9th precinct as the area was seen by many as a lost cause. Decline and despair led many residents to relocate, leaving those who remain to feel abandoned and forgotten.


This disinvestment has resulted in not only a lack of resources but also many marks of urban decline - hundreds of acres of lots and houses are left behind, burned out, and abandoned - surrounded by trash and overgrowth. This scenario can create an unsafe atmosphere for anyone to live in. The view outside your window is depressing and even frightening as it can give cover for illicit and unsafe activities.  


Even with dreams, plans, and visions of a better future, facing this alone - day in and day out - can feel impossible to manage and completely overwhelming. 


But the story is far from over.

Urban decline left its mark on our neighborhood. We’re fighting to reclaim every inch.

Surrounding Camp Restore Campus…

  • 13% of the residents remain in the 9th precinct since 1950

  • 56% of children are in poverty.

  • 25% vacant homes/lots surrounding CRD

  • 113 vacant homes/lots surrounding CRD

  • 96.7% population of color

  • No usable parks surrounding CRD


Every inch we gain is one we’re never giving back. By joining forces, we can build lasting solutions.

Residents in the 9th precinct have hope and a vision for our community. People & resources make it happen.

Community-Led Vision

Every project is proposed, planned, and implemented by a resident of the 9th precinct.

Sustainable Solutions

Camp Restore and its community partners work with residents to create long term plans for success.

Reclaiming a Foothold

The residents of the 9th precinct are passionate about giving the next generation a neighborhood they can love. Every project is progress.


At Camp Restore, we fight to reclaim the 9th Precinct inch by inch, lot by lot. 

Since 2017, we’ve been on the ground in the 9th Precinct, restoring vibrancy to not only the lots, but also the lives of each resident.


To reclaim a foothold in this community, it takes walking alongside the community as members share their vision for what a vibrant 9th precinct could be.


Camp Restore Detroit assists residents by following a community-led vision towards long-term solutions leading to a vibrant community. When projects are ready to launch, CRD infuses the projects with the volunteers needed to accomplish it.


Our volunteers have come from as far as California to as close as right here in our own backyard to be the hands and feet needed to work with community leaders to accomplish the vision set 

Campus- reflection garden 2.JPG

Along the way, hope returns through every relationship built.

Over the course of five years, we’ve been blessed to meet the remarkable residents of 9th precinct who are the definition of resilience. 


Jackie Perkins

“Camp Restore doesn’t wait for us to call them, they call us, and they seem to always know when we need support.”

Colorful Lights

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Sandra Turner-Handy

“They (CRD) always say ‘we’re here to service the community’, but what they don’t understand is that they are part of this community… It’s community helping community. It’s all of us coming together to help each other.”

Uniting Resident-Led Projects with a Volunteer Force


Residents share a project proposal requesting volunteers

Community leaders share dreams, plans, and visions with us to get the process started. Big or small, each project brings us closer to our goal, inch by inch.


Camp Restore infuses volunteer forces into community-led projects

CRD collaborates with residents to create a sustainable plan that includes resources, time, and talent. We never move forward without the leadership of community partners and neighbors.


Another lot is reclaimed, another step toward vibrancy.

Together, we use the plan we have created to help these community dreams come to life! Connecting our community partners with volunteers and resources helps make sustainable solutions possible in our neighborhood.

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Be Part of the 9th Precinct Solution

No matter who you are, you can become a part of the sustainable solutions in our neighborhood!


Whether you want to bring a group for the day, stay with us overnight, or volunteer remotely, we have projects for you!

Church & Community Partners

We would love to partner with you to restore hope in our community! Whether you are an individual, a church leader, or a nonprofit director, we would love to connect with you about partnership opportunities.  


Become part of the Camp Restore Detroit family, letting kids and adults know they have not been forgotten, they are worth our time and talents, and investing in a better future for all those living in the 9th precinct.



Do you have a question about Camp Restore Detroit or want to know how you can get involved? If you have a project, event or class idea, would like to volunteer, or have a comment or question, please let us know!

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