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9th Precinct Projects Team

Vision of this team: 

This team focuses on 9th precinct projects. We want to see change in the community as the projects are completed.  We work to see that all the project needs are met and complete as best we can.   


Focus Areas:

Community Projects



  • Find & Identify  Projects from applications & calls

  • Help send out Applications to those interested  

  • Check scope of projects & Needs (# people & tools, etc.)

  • Identify Lead from Community on project (Who will meet & greet & lead project)

  • Coordinate projects with Elizabeth

  • Manage & Organize Camper Tools

  • Check on/Oversee each project the day of

  • Before/During/After Photos

  • Meet with volunteers to talk about projects and needs.


Possible Future Projects: 

  • Putting together community based sheds with tools/lawn mowers.



  • Application Process is in place

  • Tools - George has a master plan!


We would love to have you as a part of our 9th Precinct Projects team! Want to sign up to help? Click the link below. Have questions? Email

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