Camp Restore Detroit runs on an asset-based community development model. This means all our projects are done at the request and following the leadership of our community.


Camp Restore Detroit was started in 2016. We are a partner of Camp Restore New Orleans which has been working in New Orleans helping hurricane victims since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Community leaders partner with our volunteers to complete serve projects throughout the 9th Precinct as we work together to restore our community. Volunteers from across the country stay in our dorms at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church.

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Sharing God's love in partnership with our community by restoring hope, home, and community.



Asset-based Community Development

Camp Restore Detroit follows an asset-based community development model. This means we do not go to other people and tell them what we think they need, but instead partner with them on the good they are already doing. Following this model we recognize everyone has gifts and skills to share, and the relationships and partnerships we form in our community are just as important as the projects we complete.


We ask God to make us humble, to give us ears that listen well, mouths to ask, “What’s good here?”, and eyes to see the gifts, talents, and potential waiting to bring real joy to our community! We CANNOT do this ministry without our community. We NEED our community! We are stepping out into our community and asking for help. By asking for help we recognize our need for each other and begin a partnership. If we want to restore hope as one community, each person is needed. It will no longer be “your community” and “my community” but rather “our community.”

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