Camp Restore Detroit Staff

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Amy Fanta

Executive Director

Amy runs Camp Restore from behind the scenes. She oversees the organization and has responsibility for Team Restore, the organization's goals, and more!

Sanquise Powell

Outreach & HR Director

Sanquise works on various outreach and HR projects. Her job consists of working on community events, including pop-ups, and helping to manage our staff. 

Harmony Vermeulen

Technology and Administrative Assistant

Harmony works on all things technology-related. She runs the social media accounts, creates videos and flyers, and assists other staff members with what they need.

Coming Soon!

Camp Director

We are currently in the process of hiring a Camp Director. We cannot wait to have someone fill this role!


Team Restore Committee Chairs

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Photo Coming Soon!

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Michelle Goss

Gardening Team Committee Chair

As a co-chair on our Gardening Team, Michelle is passionate about the 9th Precinct and making it a better place to live!

Jill Hoegemeyer

Gardening Team Committee Chair

Jill is a co-chair on our Gardening Team. She loves gardening and working in the community!

George Preston

9th Precinct Projects Team Committee Chair

George has been helping us find projects in the community for years. Now, he leads the 9th Precinct Projects Team, helping to find even more people in need of some work!

Sandra Turner-Handy

Outreach Team Committee Chair

Sandra loves helping enrich people's lives through education and skills training. She leads the Outreach team as a way to help her community prosper!

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Cheryl Schiller

Construction Team Committee Chair

Cheryl Schiller has been volunteering with Camp Restore for years in many different ways. Now, she is taking it a step further as the chair for our construction team!

More committee chairs coming soon!

More committee chairs coming soon!

More committee chairs coming soon!

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Our Board


Jerry Roy


Pastor Lew Stier

Sandra Turner-Handy

Brian McCollum


George Preston

Pastor John Carrier

Bill Buchanan

Pastor Detrick Gladden

Patricia Fritz


17100 Chalmers St. Detroit, MI 48205


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