Are you struggling with a lack of community and interaction during this time of social distancing? We are so excited to launch our new program Adopt-a-Friend! There are many seniors living alone in our community in Detroit. We know people across the United States are struggling with loneliness during this time, so we want to connect you with a senior in our community!

  • Sign up to be paired with a senior in our community

  • We are collecting names and numbers of seniors from our community leaders in Detroit

  • When we have a list of seniors and volunteers we will pair you together

  • Camp Restore Detroit will provide resources and conversation starters to help you get the relationship started!

Even though we cannot do much to control the way COVID-19 is impacting our community, we can provide small moments of hope and joy!

Camp Restore Detroit - COVID-19 Statement

Updated May 1, 2020
This is a continually changing situation and we will update our policy as needed. The safety of our campers and community are at the heart of all our decisions.


We have made the incredibly difficult decision to close camp to overnight campers for the 2020 season. We will instead be offering:

  • Ways to serve from home

  • Virtual ways for our teams to gather

  • Virtual ways to get to know our community members and Detroit

  • In-person service opportunities for small day groups when safe

After much prayer and conversations with our community, groups leaders, and others the overwhelming response, especially from those in Detroit experiencing the devastating effects of COVID-19, was “Please do not open to overnight campers.” The reasons varied, but none were born of fear and anxiety. All responses were born out of love and grace for our campers, community, and the future of Camp Restore Detroit.

We are called to protect others even when it is heartbreaking, difficult, or unsettling. This is all three. It is heartbreaking to tell our community leaders we cannot bring in the 600 volunteers we planned on. It is difficult to tell those volunteers we cannot safely bring them into our community. It is unsettling as a ministry to know almost our entire annual budget comes in through our summer campers. Yet we know with absolute confidence we are called to make decisions based on our ministry rather than emotions or money.

Now this decision has been made, we are very busy making plans for the summer. More information will be coming soon!

Day Campers: When we are allowed  to do so and our community is comfortable, we will begin to bring in small groups of 10 to work outside while social distancing and wearing masks.  If you live close enough, consider this option!

As we move forward, please continue to pray for those affected and for our community. Please pray we find ways to serve our community and provide small moments of joy, connection, and hope. Please pray for the future of our ministry. We will be sending out information in the next few weeks about how you can support Camp Restore Detroit financially, if you feel so led. Thank you for hanging in this space with us as we worked to find the best decisions.

-Camp Restore Detroit Team


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