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Gardening Team

Vision of this team: 

This team focuses on the gardens and green space located on CRD campus.  Our goal is to utilize the space in a manner that best serves the community and those who live and visit here.  The vision is to provide God inspired green areas where the community is able to gather and either have a safe area of reflection or help grow food to share.  Where one can find respite, enjoyment, learn, relax, and even work toward fulfilling their goals.  


Focus Areas:

Reflection Garden, Community Garden, any other green space on campus.



  • Set up community gardens

  • Finish the design and plan of the reflection garden.  Benches? Special features?

    • What does the Land Bank expect in order to release these properties?

  • Community involvement & leadership 

  • Figure out how community utilizes the garden boxes – can utilize/chg

  • Maintain garden space

  • plan planting days

  • upkeep of the landscape

  • Dream! Turn in 2021 Goals and community impact for each goal to help us when grant writing.

  • Keep an eye out for any grant/funding opportunities and let us know about them!


Possible Future Projects: 

  • Farmer’s Market on CRD Campus

  • Cooking Classes

  • Gardening Classes

  • Fitness & Wellness path on Community Garden Path

  • Reflection Path in Reflection Garden

  • Expanding green space throughout the 9th precinct, farmers market, gardening/cooking classes, and more!:



  • There is a plan for the Reflection Garden somewhere – this needs to be found.

  • There are also plans to buy more land around our current campus.


We would love to have you as a part of our 9th Precinct Projects team! Want to sign up to help? Click the link below. Have questions? Email

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