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The people of the 9th precinct are absolutely incredible. It has been a gift to build relationships with our neighbors throughout the years. We asked some of these community members about the community and the responses were a reflection of the passion that each have for Detroit. Read about our interviewees and their responses here!

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Meet Sandra Turner-Handy, a prominent leader in our community and one of our board members. As a resident of Detroit for 63 years, Sandra’s passion for this city is immeasurable.

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Meet George Preston, one of our Team Restore chairpersons, board members and community leaders! George has been a resident of Detroit for the last 60 years and has made an incredible impact in this city by his leadership.


Meet Michelle, one of our Team Restore chairpersons and dear friends! Michelle has been a resident of Detroit for over 50 years and her heart for the city shines through in all she says and does.

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Meet the Griswold family! The Griswold family has lived in Detroit for three years and Malcolm serves as the pastor of Reformation Church Detroit. They are incredible people who are on fire to share the Gospel with this great city.

What do you wish others knew about Detroit? 

Sandra Turner-Handy: “Detroit is and always has been a family city, even with a few bumps we maintain our sense of community and love for the city.”

Michelle: “There are great people, great neighborhoods and great potential in Detroit.”

George Preston: “Detroit does have some beautiful neighborhoods and a caring Community along with a thriving downtown area.”

The Griswold Family: “Detroit’s weather makes it difficult to develop close relationships, year-round, but if you work to initiate relationships in the summertime, you can find some warm hearted people.”

How have you seen God at work in your community? 

ST: “God is at work in the community through the many hands that he placed on community members to do his work and the many blessings that he sends to this community such as CRD, volunteers, community leaders, etc.”

M: “Through people. I have a neighbor that cuts grass for anyone that can't during the summer. In the winter months he moves the snow with a shovel when his snow blower isn't working. There is another neighbor that took a shine to my son after one conversation several years ago. One year to the date of Quentin's death that neighbor stopped to ask for his new number. He said that he had been calling and not getting an answer.  We talked. I explained the loss of my son and he shared that his son and grandson had been killed recently. He offered to help with anything that I might need concerning home improvements or lawn services. God uses the hands and legs of people to show himself to the world.”

GP: “I think God is the leader in all the things that we do!”

GF: “I’ve met several people who make it their personal mission to serve the physical needs of the people in the community. Churches have stepped up by increasing food drive-thrus and food and toiletry box deliveries.”

What is your hope for Detroit?

ST: “That everyone's quality of life is raised and we continue to love each other and our communities.”

M: “My hope is that Detroiters become actively involved in the progression of moving our city forward."

GP: “I hope to be a positive influence on all the changes that we see coming to Detroit.”

GF: “Our hope for Detroit is to see a city that once thrived, do it again, on all sides of the city, not just downtown. (Pride in their communities, homeownership, entrepreneurship, reduced reliance on  government assistance, etc.) We would like to see people saved by the preached Word of the Gospel. They should be trained by the church to be urban missionaries, so then they can preach the Word and others can be saved.”

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