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Programming Team

Vision of this team: 

This team is focused on providing children’s and adult outreach programs that will take place in the White House and the Redeemer House.


Focus Areas:

White House and Redeemer House outreach programs



  • Work with community to identify needed programs

  • Find working partners with solid programs

  • Develop partner contacts

  • Develop soft skills and children's education programs


Possible Future Projects: 

  • Developing a tutoring center

  • Planning a STEM program K-12 - Lego Robotics?

  • Developing a Maker’s Space with 3D Printers, sewing Machines, Computers, Cameras, etc.

  • Identify Satellite Programs to house at CRD

  • Food bank

  • Some sort of job opportunity for adults (coffee house)

  • Seniors Programs - socialization/outing/trip



  • We have a tutoring program in action currently

We would love to have you as a part of our Programming Team! Want to sign up to help? Click the link below. Have questions? Email

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