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Community Housing Team

Vision of this team: 

This team is responsible for building a community housing program, which will work to renovate houses and build a program to find families to fill these houses.  Community feedback has led us to believe that a rent to own model is best, but the program still has to be built - and funded - so we are open to anything. This team needs to work with the adult programming side to ensure that we offer classes to support successful home ownership.


Focus Areas:

Community Housing



  • Identify potential houses

  • Develop program to find houses

  • Develop budget and needs list for each house

  • Work with volunteer team to renovate houses

  • Family care


Possible Future Projects: 

  • Setting up vocational skills training programs

  • Acquiring houses in the surrounding area

  • Finding community members that need housing


We would love to have you as a part of our 9th Precinct Projects team! Want to sign up to help? Click the link below. Have questions? Email

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