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Construction Team

Vision of this team: 

This team is focused on all things building!  Our goal is to organize into trades.  Each trade has a leader and a team. The team will be called up whenever their trade is needed by one of the other Team Restore Teams - in campus housing, the outreach houses, volunteer in the community, eventually rent to own situations, etc.  When the trade is not busy, we will have a mentoring program to teach community members - especially single moms - how to do tasks within the trade.  They get a certificate and then the next time the trade is called up, they go!  This will also build our base of construction volunteers and the people on hand to do repairs and building!  


This team will take awhile to build and grow, but will be worth it.  The first couple projects - The White House & The Redeemer House - may also be handled slightly differently as we have groups that are willing to give time specifically to these endeavors. They still need a lot of help, however, in developing plans, and working with specific trades.


Focus Areas:

Mentoring Program, Dorm rooms, Whtie House, Redeemer House, Community Housing Projects



  • Run a community housing project to teach community members construction skills

  • Finish outreach houses

  • Finish Dorms

  • Rent to Own homes in the Community




  • We are working on Inspection.

  • There is an electronic folder of paperwork.



  • We are working on Scope or Work, Materials List, and donations. 

  • There is an electronic folder of paperwork.


We would love to have you as a part of our Construction Team! Want to sign up to help? Click the link below. Have questions? Email

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