Virtual Week

Join us as we go through a virtual week of camp! You will have the opportunity to learn more about what Camp Restore Detroit does, explore different stereotypes about Detroit, meet some amazing community members, and take what you've learned to serve in your own community! Click the image to open the section you want to use. Email with any questions.

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Full Virtual Week

Download our full virtual week, complete with all 5 days, a week schedule, and our Leader's Guide to help you go smoothly through our virtual stay at camp!

Day 1: What is Camp Restore Detroit?

Get to know Camp Restore Detroit, our community, our mission, and more! Day 1 gives an introduction to our virtual week and outlines what the rest of the week will look like.

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Day 2: Asset-Based Community Development

Learn about our model and how we serve our neighbors under the guidance of community leaders. Day 2 looks at how service can be both harmful and helpful, and how to ensure that your service is beneficial to those around you.

Day 3: Detroit's History

Day 3 combats the negative stereotypes about Detroit and gives a positive perspective on the city. We love our neighborhood, and we hope that after completing Day 3, you do too!

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Day 4: Community Partnerships

Learn more about how we partner with those in our community who are already making a difference and meet some of our incredible community leaders!

Day 5: Reflection

Day 5 wraps up our virtual week by looking back over everything covered and how that can be carried into everyday life. No matter where you live, you can take what you've learned to better serve in your own community!

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Virtual Week Schedule

Want a schedule for your group to follow along with? Use our Virtual Week Schedule to help your group follow along! 

Virtual Week Leader's Guide

Leading a group, but don't know where to begin? Our Leader's Guide gives an overview of the week and some fun ideas to help you lead with confidence!

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