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Camp Restore Detroit COVID-19 Response

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Updated April 2, 2020 This is a continually changing situation and we will update our policy as needed. The safety of our campers and community are at the heart of all our decisions.


· Overnight stay & food operations suspended through May 1st

· Day groups suspended through May 1st

· Summer Camp (June – August) remain unchanged

· Rebooking and refund options are available

With the continued spreading of COVID-19 through the United States, Camp Restore Detroit’s Board met to determine our response to the developing situation. Please make sure you read beyond the first sentence, because there is good news mixed in the following paragraphs.

Overnight camper groups are suspended through May 1st. Due to the communal nature of Camp Restore Detroit we believe this is the best way to protect our campers and our community.

As of right now, our summer camper groups will continue as previously scheduled. We will continue monitoring COVID-19 in the next days, weeks, and months and share more information through our newsletter and social medias as necessary.

Plans are in the work for ways groups can engage, learn, and serve in our community remotely over the summer if necessary. We are praying our summer can continue as normal, but would still like to share the amazing things happening in Detroit with our campers if groups are not able to physically serve with us in Detroit.

With the new safer-at-home order in Michigan, day groups are suspended until the order is lifted.

If overnight operations remain suspended or you cannot attend due to COVID-19 concerns, all groups can use all funds towards a future trip option or receive a full refund.

Camp Restore Detroit staff will work remotely until safer-at-home restrictions are lifted.

In all this we know God is still at work in our community and the ministry of Camp Restore Detroit. While the COVID-19 situation was something none of us could have planned for, we are still anticipating and hoping for an amazing summer of working with our community and serving the Lord in Detroit!

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