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Introducing New Board Members!

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Over the last year God has continued to grow and expand the ministry of Camp Restore Detroit more than we could ever imagine! Through our growth we have continued to build relationships with new partners in our community and with our sister churches, and we are so excited to welcome two new board members to Camp Restore Detroit's board!

Director of Community Projects

George Preston is the president of the Mohican Regent Homeowners Association and has been an amazing partner and leader for Camp Restore Detroit volunteers. George has been working with us for many years now scheduling projects for campers in his block club and we are so excited for his new position in overseeing and scheduling projects for the entire 9th Precinct!

Director of Properties/Facilities

Jon Duff has been partnering with Camp Restore Detroit since we first started in 2016! In his new role as Director of Properties/Facilities, Jon will continue to oversee the renovation of our dorms as well as leading the construction on our outreach houses and any improvements and expansions to our campus in the future. Jon is a member of Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Birmingham, MI one of the founding partners of Camp Restore Detroit.

We are so excited to have these two amazing guys join are team and cannot wait to see how God will continue to grow our ministry following their leadership!

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