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Team Restore

Team Restore is a group of people from our community, partner churches, and beyond who are working together to revitalize the community. Different teams will focus on specific areas of Camp Restore. These teams are responsible for their focus area, to form and carry out ideas about how these areas can grow, and to share their growth with other committees and the community!

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Programming Team

This team is focused on providing children’s and adult outreach programs that will take place in the White House and the Redeemer House. It is responsible for starting and running programs to enhance the lives of children and adults in our community.

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Construction Team

This team is focused on all things building! They are responsible for maintaining our campus, especially the dorm rooms, and both programming houses on our campus: The Redeemer House and The White House.

Campers, Food, and Welcome Team

This team focuses on hosting the camper groups that come to volunteer throughout the year. This mainly consists of welcoming campers, connecting them with the community, and ensuring that they have food during their stay at our campus.

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9th Precinct Projects


This team focuses on 9th precinct projects. It works to set up community project days and find projects for our camper groups. This team also works to find volunteers for these community projects.



This team is unlike all the others. It is composed of youth that hold a spot on each of the other committees and meet periodically to discuss their own goals for the community.




This team focuses on the gardens and green space located on CRD campus, which currently consists of the reflection garden and the Garden of Eatin’ community garden.

Community Housing


This team focuses on setting up a community housing program. They are responsible for finding appropriate housing for the project, setting up a rent-to-own program, and more!

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